Learn Spanish on Saturday in Munich x 12 weeks!

Time: 10:00 am to 12:15 pm or 1:30 pm to 3:45 pm or 4:00 pm to 6:15 pm Spanish Saturday courses
Duration: 36 UStd. from 04 participants *

Achieve your goals with us!

On 12 Saturdays you can learn Spanish until you reach the business level. Each appointment lasts 90 minutes with a dynamic group and you share the same interests: learn, improve and have fun in our Saturday Spanish course in Munich!
Meet the grammar of the Spanish language on Saturday afternoon in Munich, meet people with the same goal and have fun with our experienced and 100% dynamic teachers!

A bit of Spain and South America in the center of Munich!

This course runs smoothly, even with the ability to test your progress and confirm what has been learned. Twelve weeks is three months, so the students create a familiar bond and maintain a 100% dynamic and effective progress between them.

We ensure more success privately or in the job!

Our spirited teachers will help you learn the Spanish language with much enthusiasm. The lessons are filled not only with Spanish grammar, but also with Spanish rhythms that provide fun learning. Our innovative learning method will help you to learn this beautiful language easily and with great joy and thus ensure success in your job and while travelling!

Do you need a book?

Yes, just as you need the right clothes for sports, you need the right materials to learn from us. That’s why we work with innovative publishers to offer the right options to our participants. It’s important to have a book for each class with whom we can practice and learn together. Practice creates masters! Here you can find which book you need for this course! *

Course content of the Spanish course on Saturday in 12 weeks (from 4 participants)Spanish course on Saturday in 12 weeks

In the Spanish course on Saturday for 12 weeks in Munich you will reach a level.
The progress of this course is about half-weekly chapters (may vary depending on the level and mobility of students).

Extra resources of the Lima language school:

Beamer (videos, PDF, Power Point,
board , games and online test, etc.), magnetic board (create and show dynamic examples with student participation),
exclusive material for the workbook, as support for the preparation of the participant  in the classroom. (May vary for advanced).
Compose sentences, words, verbs, numbers and more pieces and not just write in the notebook.
Exclusive contact between the participants and the teacher to resolve doubts.
Additional material Exclusive eg. Power point presentations by each teacher to emphasize a specific topic for the group.

Learn Spanish on Saturday afternoon in Munich! Saturday Spanish course in Munich with 100% motivation from our teachers. 36 lessons for only 460 €! If you do not have time for an intensive course during the week, we have created this course for you.

The number of lessons depends on the number of participants. More information in our  terms and conditions


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