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Lima Sprachschule hat einen einzigartigen Rhythmus, Farbe und Gefüll in Deutschland. Es basiert auf der peruanischen Kreativität, die dem Leben in Deutschland hinzugefügt wurde; Wissen mit erfahrenen Sprachlehrern aus der ganzen Welt zu verbinden, um nicht nur einen guten Kurs anzubieten, sondern auch einen Qualitätskurs anzubieten, in dem unsere Teilnehmer ihre Ziele erreichen und Spaß haben.

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Intensive Saturday Spanish course for the holidays in Munich in the Lima language school

Day: Saturday Spanish intensive courses
Time: from 09:00 am
Duration: 24 UStd. in 4 weeks from 3 participants

Are trips to Spain or South America in your vacation plans? It is important to know the Spanish language to have a relaxed and stress-free journey.

The Lima Sprachschule always wants to support all its students, so that each student can get 45 minutes of personal orientation before the trip and with the option of orientation through the chat, if you need a translator in case of emergency, while you are already on vacation. With our mother tongue teachers, you not only get to know basic communication topics, but also to recognise, for example, typical Latin American behaviour, so that there are no misunderstandings or surprises during your trip.

Learn Spanish for the holidays with us! Spanish atmosphere already starts in Munich!

We help you with the linguistic preparations for your journey. With us you not only learn the grammar, you also get good tips for your stay and experience already here in Munich the atmosphere that awaits you later on vacation. The anticipation will grow more and more and in the end you will enjoy your holiday in a relaxed way.

The most important thing for us in the Lima Sprachschule is not to sell the Spanish course, but to learn Spanish!

Extra resources of the Lima language school:

Beamer (videos, PDF, Power Point,
board , games and online test, etc.), magnetic board (create and show dynamic examples of student participation),
sentences, words, verbs, numbers and more pieces put together and not just write in the notebook.
Exclusive contact between you and the teacher to resolve doubts.

Learn Spanish for the holidays with us! Spanish atmosphere already starts in Munich! Intensive course on Saturday, 24 lessons at only 490 €! If you do not have time for an intensive course during the week, we have created this course for you.

The number of lessons depends on the number of participants. More information in our  terms and conditions

03.08.19, 07.09.19, 05.10.19, 07.12.19


Spanisch aus Lateinamerika, Spanisch aus Spanien


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