Start date: Second Monday of each Month
Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5 to 6:30 pm (German time)
Course duration: with one person 16 hours 45 minutes and from 2 people 18 hours 45 minutes.
Price: 420 €



Learn German from anywhere in the world! Even from your living room!

Stop waiting for more registrations to start the German course. For the Lima Sprachschule team, the most important thing is not to lose motivation. If it is possible to organize the course, why not do it?

Learning German can be fun if the teachers have a dynamic methodology and the resources necessary for the students to be fully involved in achieving their goals.


How does this online course work?

The course is organized 3 days a week x 3 weeks at 5pm (German time) with a duration of 90 minutes per session. In total there are 18 hours of 45 minutes. In each class a chapter is advanced and in the first class there is always a reminder of the previous level.

The start dates of the online German course will be kept as the second Monday of each month.

The student has a day of class and a day to review everything learned and carry out online activities on our Moodle platform in addition to the level test by chapter, so that our teachers can verify what they have learned.

Levels: from A1.1 to C1.2. Our courses are divided into 12 levels, here is a small progress chart:


The duration of the German course depends on the number of students: With one person we open the course and there are only 16 hours of 45 minutes. From 2 people, the online course will last 18 hours of 45 minutes.


Where can I get the book if I don’t live in Germany?

The books we use for our online German course are easy to purchase directly from the publisher’s website. There the students will be able to work on a direct platform with the teacher, and obviously they will have the possibility of developing the exercises in the book. And the free downloadable online material provides sufficient support for rapid progress.


I have installed a couple of applications to learn German. What happens if I do the course in parallel?

We applaud all the options that can help our students learn vocabulary, sentences, questions, and even grammar. That is why we recommend the use of applications as an extra option, but always respecting our grammatical progress, so that you do not raise doubts about level B1 while still at level A1, for example.

Stop waiting for more people to enroll in the course. Start now! At only € 420, ensure your start and advancement in the German language.

Levels: from A1.1 to C1.2. Our courses are divided into 12 levels, here is a small progress chart:

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Payment methods: Payment can be made by bank transfer, SEPA or by Paypal. And you can pay in parts WITHOUT INTEREST !!!

If you consider signing up for multiple levels, the payment could be made on a monthly basis.


Do I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

Of course, you will receive a “certificate of attendance” of the course in PDF, we can send it to you by post if you consider it necessary. (the shipping cost is not included in the course payment)

This certificate is not equivalent to a Level certificate.

But our material includes all the points necessary to pass the Level tests. That is why our students take an online preparation test at the end of each chapter, so that they can successfully pass a level exam. But it always depends on the student’s agility to learn and dedication.


Please note that these German courses are intended for people who already have grammar knowledge or have learned another foreign language.




Our intensive German course doesn’t have as its sole objective the everyday or in the workplace communication. . Our content aims to help the students with grammar and to prepare them for a language certification. The participation of our students is obviously a priority, like their commitment and their learning ability. The participation of our students is obviously a priority, like their commitment and their learning ability.

Terms for the super intensive German online-course:

  • • Be motivated to learn the language.
  • • The student has to have a computer with a stable internet connection.
  • • The student has to buy the book (available directly from the publishing house or from Hugendubel).
  • • The student needs to watch our video on how to connect to the online course and to carry out a test to make sure that everything is working fine.
  • • The participant is committed to follow the course properly by doing the exercises of the book and the virtual ones; in this way the student is able to better their knowledge and to make constant progress.

Features of the German online courses:

  • • The start and the end date are provided
  • • Our teachers are going to use online platforms with a stable and granted connection. For each class every student will receive a link redirected to the online course
  • • During these super intensive online courses, the teacher will go over every important grammar point of each chapter to achieve the goal of one chapter a day.
  • • Every completed level includes 16 chapters. The first 8 concern the first part of the level, while the chapters from 9 to 16 will be part of the second part of the level.

Our offer of German online courses includes:

  • • 18 lessons of 45 minutes each to finish the first part of the levels from A1.2
  • • The exercises in each chapter are done directly by the student. It is possible that the teacher does some exercises with the students.
  • • The student receives a link through which he can download the answers, transcripts, vocabulary, audios and videos, as well as the link to the online grammar exercises.
  • • Student could receive presentation with exercises or further grammar explanations, depending on the needs of each group and entirely at the teacher’s discretion.
  • • At the end of the courses, our students receive a participation certificate by e-mail.
  • Each course has a defined date and time, even if the course starts with one person: there are no changes in time or date.

For the LIMA Sprachschule’s family, communication with each of its student is always important. That is the reason why we are always available for explanations and for further questions through appositely created social media groups all questions of our participants are well received, so that the student learns and doesn’t linger just on the book. so that the student learns and doesn’t linger just on the book.

One of LIMA Sprachschule’s strength is teamwork: we all work as a team in each of our courses This is why everyone who is motivated to learn will always receive our support.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us we will always reply with a virtual smile.

Our school has teachers born to motivate their students and help them achieve their goals. If you want to learn a new language, join our family at the LIMA Sprachschule!


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