Do you want to learn quickly?
Then take advantage of our quarantine offer: Super-intensive German online course.
Complete a level in just 8 days for just € 360

Levels: A1.2, A2.1, A2.2, B1.1, B1.2, B2.1, B2.2

Level A1.1 costs 395 €, every other level costs 365 €

Benefit from a € 60 discount !!! Register for 2 levels and pay only € 670 for 16 days, unless your registration includes level A1.1!

For example: level A1.1 + A1.2 = 395 € + 365 € – discount 60 € = 700 €

For example: Level A2.1 + A2.2 = € 360 + € 360 – € 60 discount = € 670

If we encourage and support one another, we can all achieve our goals together and stay healthy before the COVID-19.

If we cheer and support each other, we can all achieve our goals together and stay healthy before the COVID-19.

For this reason, the Lima language school has set up new German courses at very affordable prices for this quarantine. You have the opportunity to use the time at home and invest in the beginning or further learning of the German language.

These quick German courses have the hours necessary to explain the grammar in each chapter. The course book is available from online bookstores, and the online material, which is free to download, provides sufficient support for rapid progress.

Please note that these German courses are intended for people who already have knowledge of grammar or who have learned another foreign language.

These German courses start weekly and it is possible to organize them with a single student. We do not have a minimum number of participants, but a maximum of 8 people (as in our courses in the classroom). You can ask questions to the teacher directly because it will be an online course with video conference.

Our intensive German courses are not only intended to prepare our students for everyday life or to help them communicate at work. Our content by level is designed to cover the topics and grammar to prepare our participants for the various level tests. Although it always depends on the commitment and ability of our students to learn.

Start date: first and third Monday of the month

Schedule: from 10:00 a.m. or from 5:00 p.m. | From Monday to Friday in 8 days

Duration: 16 lessons of 45 minutes each with one person | Level A1.1 only: 18 lessons of 45 min.

Price: 420 € – Offer price: 365 €

niveaustufen lima language school

Requirements for the online super-intensive German course:

Motivation to learn the language.
The student must have a laptop in order to have a stable internet connection.
Buy the book (directly from the publisher, Amazon or Hugendubel online)
The student will need to watch our video to learn how to connect and take a test before the online course so that everything works properly.
The participant undertakes to achieve appropriate development by doing both the exercises in the book and the virtual exercises independently, developing what has been learned, and maintaining an appropriate and parallel rate of progress.

Features of the online German course:

There is a start and end date.

Our teachers will use online platforms designed for stable connection. Before each class, the student receives a link to participate in the course.

During this super intensive course, the teacher develops the key points of each chapter to complete a chapter daily.

The first 8 chapters concern the first part of the level and from chapters 9 to 16 the second part of the level is developed.

online-deutsch-intensivkurs LIMA SPRACHSCHULE

Our offer includes:

16 academic hours of 45 minutes each to complete the level, from level A1.2.

32 academic hours of 45 minutes to achieve two levels, with daily courses Monday through Friday.

Level A1.1 has a different price as there are a few extra hours of the null course that is sent before the start of the course, thereby training the explanation of the content of the null material in the first grade. Therefore, Level A1.1 will last a total of 18 academic hours of 45 minutes each.

The exercises in each chapter are done directly by the student. It is possible for the teacher to do some exercises with the students.

The student receives the link to download the solutions, transcripts, vocabulary, audios and videos, as well as the link to the online grammar exercises. The book is not included in the price.

The student can have presentations with exercises or grammar explanations, depending on the needs of each group, with the teacher 100% making the decision.

At the end of the course, our students receive a certificate of participation by email.

Each course has a defined date and time, even if the course starts with a person, there are no time or date changes.

Sprachkurse bei der Lima Sprachschule

For the Lima language school family, communication with each of their students is always important. That’s why we create a social media group for each class that always stays in touch and checks the reflection on progress. All questions from our participants are well received. In this way the student learns and does not get ahead with the book alone.

One of the characteristics of the Lima language school is that we all work together as a team in all of our courses. That is why anyone motivated to learn will always have the support of the Lima Language School family.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to us. We will always respond with a virtual smile.

Our school has teachers who were born to motivate their students and help them achieve their goals. If you want to learn a language, join our Lima Language School family.


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