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We start every month on the first and third Mondays


16 lessons á 45 Min.

Welcome to the fast track to German mastery! In our school, we offer an Online Super Intensive designed for you to reach levels from A1.1 to B2.2 in just 8 days.

Master German from A1.1 to B2.2 in just 8 days! Daily classes of 45 minutes from Monday to Friday, with additional material on our Moodle platform.

Learning German can be an easy and uncomplicated experience with the right tools. In our school, we not only offer a careful selection of books but also a group of committed professionals who will support you effectively and entertainingly. We consider ourselves a family working together with students, where the relationship goes beyond the traditional teacher-student dynamic. We are people willing to find the best way to facilitate learning. As an innovative school, we always analyze the best options for learning materials for our students.

Course Requirements:

To make the most of our super-intensive German course, it’s important that you have learned a second language in a language school and can easily recognize grammatical topics. This will allow you to progress quickly and achieve your goals, whether for studying or working in Germany.


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Comprehensive Learning Preparation:

We understand that each student has different learning styles. Therefore, in our online classes, the teacher will be in front of your monitor, and you can do exercises directly on your computer. Additionally, we offer additional material for those who prefer tactile and visual learning.

Want to pass the Goethe Exam Level? Can you do it with this course?

If your goal is to pass the Goethe Institute exam, we recommend our exam level preparation course. We have certified teachers who will advise you effectively and conduct practice tests. Although our super-intensive course provides a solid foundation, the exam level preparation course focuses specifically on the tests and helps you achieve your goals. The goal of the super-intensive course is to learn German for daily use.

Start Dates:

We start every month on the first and third Mondays. We offer the flexibility you need to start your German learning journey. You can join at different times of the year, adapting your schedule to your convenience.

Course Content from Level A1.2:

– 8 classes of 90 minutes with an online teacher.

– Access to our Moodle platform with grammatical material and exercises.

– Progress of one chapter per day, totaling 8 chapters.

Zero Course (Nullkurs):

Before A1.1, we offer a brief initial course to familiarize yourself with the language, lasting 90 minutes and including the alphabet, numbers, basic verbs, and simple questions.

Course Organization:

The course can be organized with a single registration when done at least one and a half weeks before the start date. The maximum number of students is 6 people.

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Global Accessibility: Our Transition to Virtual Courses Since 2023

We have been registered in Munich, Germany since March 2018, but our office and our courses have been virtual only since January 2023. Now, we are accessible from anywhere in the world. Our virtual course will provide you with all the necessary resources to immerse yourself in the language as if you were in Germany. We want you to have the most enriching and effective experience.

Required Material:

Yes, just as you need swimwear for a swimming class, you need the right book for a language course. In the course confirmation email, you will receive the description and ISBN data of the book we use so you can purchase it online or at bookstores. This book is also offered in digital versions for online work worldwide. You can buy it directly from the Klett.de publisher. The book is not included in the course price.

Registration and Confirmation:

To join the course, register at least one week before the start date. We will send you a confirmation email along with the corresponding invoice. Do not make any payment until you have received these documents. We want to make sure you are fully informed before committing.

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Book features for this class:

Course Requirements:

– High motivation to learn German.

– Previous knowledge of at least a second language.

– Availability for additional exercises.

– Laptop with webcam, good internet connection, and headphones.


Please note that holidays in Munich, Germany (Bavaria), may affect the course duration, as they are taken into account in the organization.

Student Responsibility:

Completing tasks and exercises is essential for learning. Teachers are not responsible for tasks, but they provide solutions and support.

Direct Contact with the Teacher:

We have created a chat group where students can send questions directly to the teacher even outside of class hours.


Participant Certificate:

Yes, upon completing the course and attending regularly, you will receive a participation certificate by email. This certificate only confirms your participation in the course and does not evaluate your language level. To assess your level, a language exam will be conducted that can only be taken at specialized centers.

Join Us:

At the Lima Language School, we strive to provide you with the best German learning experience efficiently and effectively. Join us and achieve your goals in mastering the German language in record time!

Learning Tools:

– Classroom Platform: We use Microsoft Teams for real-time sessions.

Upon registration, you will get access to our Moodle platform. Here you will find course material, teacher presentations, and links to specific exercises for each chapter.

– Interactive Exercises: Enjoy a variety of interactive activities, such as quizzes on Moodle, links to Kahoot, Wordwall, and Quizalize.

– Educational Podcast: Immerse yourself even more in the language with our educational podcast, available to all students.

– **Direct Chat Groups:** Connect directly with the school and teacher through our exclusive chat groups.

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