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Duration and distribution

From 04 people = 40 hours of 45 minutes (*)
With 03 people = 36 hours of 45 minutes (*)
With 02 people = 28 hours of 45 minutes (*)
With 01 person = 15 hours of class ()
(*) 01 hour of class = 45 minutes

As a highly qualified professional to learn German,
with Lima Sprachschule, it will be very easy!

We support workers with the Blue Card who want to learn German and expand their job opportunities, including the possibility of obtaining German citizenship. Germany, a country constantly in need of professionals, offers the job-seeking visa. Although many job offers are in English, mastering the German language increases opportunities and facilitates communication in the country.

Course Details:

  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Course Structure: Each course level lasts 8 weeks, with one chapter covered each week.

Our online course is highly didactic, with an innovative methodology that adapts to different types of learners. We provide additional exercise material for those who need it. With weekly classes, students have access to our online materials for review, as well as grammar exercises and games.

Additionally, we offer direct contact with the teacher through a WhatsApp group to quickly clarify questions during the week or discuss them in class.

With Lima Language School, it’s now even easier for highly qualified professionals to learn German! Our intensive Saturday course is specifically designed for employees and Blue Card holders who want to learn German quickly and effectively to communicate perfectly with their colleagues.

Each level is planned over 8 weeks, with one chapter covered each week. With motivated, creative, and experienced teachers, you’ll be on the right track to mastering the language.

Our course is aimed at employees and highly qualified individuals with the Blue Card who already work in Germany but do not yet speak German. We understand the importance of making quick progress. Therefore, we have developed a tailored course that allows you to learn German efficiently and achieve your goals.

At our school, you’ll learn not only “regular German as a foreign language” but also prepare specifically for the TELC B1 exam, which is necessary for work in Germany. After passing the exam, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for German citizenship.

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Are you working in Germany but still not speaking German?  

We understand your situation, and from our own experience, we have created the perfect course for you! With our German course tailored for workers or foreigners holding the Blue Card, you will learn quickly in the most enjoyable and effective way possible!

Give yourself the opportunity to achieve your goals. With us, you will gain the confidence to master this new language.

During our intensive 8-week course in Munich, we dedicate each Saturday to completing a level. We move swiftly with motivated, creative, and experienced teachers to guide you on the right path. On average, we complete one chapter every Saturday (this may vary based on the level or pace of students’ progress).

Additional Resources from the Lima Language School:


Customized Study Material on Moodle

We use the renowned Moodle platform, widely adopted by major schools and universities, to provide a rich set of educational resources that complement your classroom learning. Our workbooks are customizable and adapt to each student’s level. In addition, within each Moodle course, you will find PowerPoint presentations designed by your teacher to focus on specific topics and improve your understanding.

Advanced E-Learning Platform

Our site is full of additional resources and practical exercises that complement your studies. Best of all, each exercise is designed to align with your progress in the course! You will receive your login credentials right after registration, ensuring you can start practicing from day one.

Direct and Personalized Communication with the Teacher

Thanks to our private chat system, you will have direct access to your teacher to resolve any doubts that arise during or outside of class hours, ensuring continuous learning tailored to your needs. Imagine having an open channel with your teacher and classmates where you can send your questions in real-time. Depending on the urgency, your questions can be addressed immediately or discussed in-depth during the next class.

Additional and Exclusive Educational Material: Guaranteed Innovation and Fun

We don’t just rely on the proven Moodle platform and PowerPoint presentations to enrich your educational experience; we are also committed to innovation. We continuously explore and adopt new educational platforms that are both fun and effective. Our aim is to ensure that you can practice and learn the language in a manner that is quick, effective, and most importantly, fun.

Auditory Learning Through Spotify Podcasts

We know that practice makes perfect. That’s why we’ve started a series of podcasts where you can listen to practical exercises that will help you improve your pronunciation and memorize linguistic sequences in an easy-to-consume format.