We support you on the way to a successful graduation! And make you fit for your semester abroad!

What does fit in the Study Course?

It is an extra private course for students in Germany who want to start a successful future with a good college or university degree. For students it is sometimes difficult to write professionally while studying. The content of your work is clear to you, only the wording is not so easy. And we help with that! Our teachers give you information, show new ways and correct linguistic and grammatical mistakes.
We also help if you are planning a semester abroad. If you are an exchange student, you have to fill in different forms, write a letter of motivation or translate your CV into the desired language. If you want to have everything 100% correct, contact us!

For whom is the study course suitable?

For students who need linguistic support when writing papers. Whether it’s a term paper, thesis, or student exchange forms, our teachers will help you with the correction and give you tips on how to do it professionally. Our motivated teachers are professionals and help you to achieve your goal.

Online and in person

Our teachers are totally fit with the Cloud Technology, so you can arrange including online appointments, where you can correct a text or presentations together. For example, in Google Drive or One Drive. If it is necessary, you can also meet in person with your teacher.

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We help you with:

  • Correction of the seminar paper
  • Correction of the diploma thesis
  • Motivation letter for student exchange program
  • Filling in forms for semester abroad
  • Curriculum vitae and motivation letter

  • Digitales Unterrichtspaket
  • Digitale Ausgaben mit LMS
  • Quizfragen
  • Online-Übungen
  • Download-Material
  • Prüfungsvorbereitungs: TELC, Start Deutsch, Goethe, DFZ
  • Lima Sprachschule Teilnehmer Zertifikat (Es handelt sich nicht um ein Level-Zertifikat, das Sie erst nach einer zertifizierten Prüfung erhalten.)

You can take the lessons you book within six months!

35€ = 1 course hour.
68€ = 2 course hours
132€ = 4 course hoıurs
192€ = 6 course hours
248€ = 8 course hours
300€ = 10 course hours

If you would like to learn the language you need more, register for our private course!


Sie können den Kurs aber auch für weniger als 4 oder mehrere Wochen buchen. Teilen Sie uns Ihre Wünsche mit und wir werden für Sie die optimale Lösung finden. Schreiben Sie uns: info@lima-sprachschule.de
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Team Lima Sprachschule