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each appointment is 45min X4 lessons per month

Learn German while having fun! Online German courses for children aged 5 to 7

Price: 70 EUR for 4 lessons of 45 minutes + digital Lima language school children’s book (also for printing)

If you have just arrived in Germany with your young children and would like them to learn German, have fun, play, paint: we work with German children’s books to make them fun with their homework, drawings and exercises.

It is much easier for young children to introduce them to a new language, sing, dance and play. And it is possible to do it all online.

Can your children achieve a level of German with this course?

From the age of 8, children can attend our courses for children or even our intensive courses, which have the same didactics. In these courses we already work with level books so that the students can already learn the grammar of the German language. So this kindergarten course is only based on a basic knowledge of the language for children.

How can parents contribute to their children’s learning with this course?

The Lima language school shares the musical tips and / or videos with the parents so that the children can quickly practice what they have learned.

It is very important that parents create incentives so that tasks are not boring but can be a game to achieve a goal.

Trial lesson price: 27€ x 45 Min.

Is it possible to join the course in the middle of the month?

The course starts with a single participant and the course is kept open so other children can join whenever they want. The next date of the course will be the first Friday or Saturday of the following month.

One of the most important details of working with children is how easily they can be integrated with.

Do we have to buy a book?

Lima Language School has designed a digital didactic book where the student can find the basic exercises to be able to read and practice math.

If you want to practice a sport, you need to find the right clothing for it. In this case, for a language course, it is just as important to have a book. Because we live in Germany, we recommend that you work with a book from a German publisher, which is described in detail in the confirmation email. We do not sell books within the school.

Do you have a minimum or maximum number of students for the class?

We will also start lessons with a single person, but we will work with a maximum of 8 children.

Resources in Lima Sprachschule

Projectors: watch videos or presentations by our teachers, grammar exercises, online test development, among others.
Magnetic board: essential for dynamic exercises with student integration

Moodle online learning platform: where our students will find exclusive material developed by the Lima team, based on presentations on grammar topics, exercises or vocabulary. In addition to online exams and exercises

Spotify: we have started the preparation of different supporting recordings so that our student can orient himself much better by listening and repeating

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What is this German course for toddlers?

The children learn and repeat exercises daily to learn how to add and write. Paint, cut and paste as they learn the words in German.

Our material is 100% didactic and not only designed to recognize words and numbers in German, but also to learn to communicate and practice the words you have learned. This would be a basic course of writing, reading, reading comprehension, and math.

Once a month we train mini-chefs with classes so that they can learn the basic words about fruits and vegetables themselves and thus motivate children to try something new.

This course requires 100% support from parents so that they can allow children to become language scouts at home.

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How do I take the German course for toddlers online?

After registration, the school will send a confirmation email to parents with a link so that parents can attend at the time of the course. Each email has a demonstrative video so parents can get started quickly and smoothly. The link always remains the same.

We use two private platforms. One is and the other is Microsoft Teams. The two platforms can be used by computers, laptops, tablets, and cell phones. Each course will be open on the platform 10 minutes before the start, giving parents a chance to enter with no last minute hassles.

Is it possible to take a trial lesson?

Yes, of course it is possible. The most important thing for us is to give all children the opportunity to learn the new language. By living in this new country and being parents ourselves, we know how important it is to take an exam. All children are different and it is therefore necessary to recognize if our children are paying attention and motivated or if they feel motivated with the teacher in the class.

During the test period, the parent will neither receive our digital book nor the digital account of our e-learning platform. You will only receive the material you need for that one day of school.

How does the course payment work?

The course costs EUR 70 per child for 4 sessions. Payment is made before the start of the course. It is possible to register for more than 4 weeks and the payment can be made in whole or in part, in this case it would always be 70 EUR before the start of the course.