In 8 weeks: Learn German in peace and on trust in the center of Munich!

Days: from Monday to Fridaylearn-intensive-in-peace-and-on-trust-in-Lima-language-school
Time: from 08:30 to 10:00 | from 12:30 to 14:00 | from 15:30 to 17:00
Start date: the first and third Monday of the month
Duration: 10 course hours per weeks from 5 participant
Each language levels requires 8 weeks

Would you like to learn German quickly, but do not have 4 hours a day off to attend the4-week intensive course? Or are you looking for an intensive course that does not take too much time during the day, so you can analyze what you’ve learned every day?

Welcome to the world of German language! We present you our 8 weeks intensive German course. You have 90 minutes per day with fully-motivated teachers to achieve the goal of efficient communication in German language. Only you can give yourself the opportunity to gain or improve knowledge in this foreign language to achieve your goals.

What is an intensive German course for 8 weeks?

A Daily Course, Monday to Friday, 10 course hours. Per Week from 5 participants. You have more timetoanalyze every grammar point of the day. By extending the course, our teachers take the opportunity to explain some topics in more detail.

For whom is this German course suitable?

The German course in Munich is aimed at people who have 8 weeks, 90 minutes a day, to learn and to concentrate on understanding and thinking in German. Men and women who really want to learn the language in order to work, study or just communicate in Germany. We recommend this course for people who want to learn step by step or do not want to have 4 course hours per day.

Do you need a book?

Yes, just as you need the right clothes for sports, you need the right materials to learn language from us. That’s why we work with innovative publishers to offer the right options to our participants. It’s important to have a book for each class with which we can practice and learn together. Practice creates masters! Here you can find which book you need for this course! *

German course for 8 weeks in Munich

German-intensive-course-for-8-weeksThe German intensive course in Munichshould reach a level after 8 weeks.
It is planned to reach 1 chapter a week. (May vary for advanced).
In the classroom: 100% book theory + 100% exercises of the book
Additional material in class: test, test preparations at the end of each chapter. If It is necessary, intensive training is possible.
Extra material for the home: online exercises

Intensive German course in Munich with 100% motived teachers.8 weeks German intensive course at only 650 €. The most important thing is the trust and security while speaking the language. This is what Lima Language School offers you beginning from the first day!

Extras Resources Lima Language School:

Projector (Videos, PDF, Power Point, Panel, Games and Online-Test, etc),
Magnetic board ( create and show dynamic examples with students’ participation),
Exclusive material to the workbook, as support for the preparation of the participant.
Compose sentences, words, verbs, numbers and more pieces and not just write in the notebook.
Exclusive contact between the participants and the teacher to remove doubts.
Additional exclusive material of each teacher to emphasize a specific topic for the group. The online material is only available during the course.

The number of hours depends on the number of participants. For more information TERMS&CONDITIONS

*Books: Here you can find the name of the book we use in our courses.

You can also book the course for less than 4 or more weeks. Tell us your wishes and we will find the best solution for you. Write


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