If you are looking for an agile and dynamic English course here is your solution!

Days: from Monday to Friday
Schedule: from 9 am | from 2 pm | from 5 pm
Duration and distribution: 24 hours of 45 min. from 4 students (*), spread over 2 weeks.
Price: 365 €

Learn the English language by giving yourself time twice a week for 2 weeks. Here we have found a solution for all people who want to improve or learn English from zero.

We have created a course for all those who have 100 percent motivation to achieve their goal: to be able to communicate with everyone in the world since in English it is one of the most widely used languages ​​on the planet.
Do you have the time? Are you motivated Learning English will open many doors for you! Investing in knowledge is the best investment one can make in oneself. For this reason, the Lima language school always seeks to find the best solution and offer for our students.
English can be easier than it seems when you learn it with a 100 percent motivated teacher who loves his profession and feels proud every time his students can master the language. Our teachers are qualified, have experience, and enjoy working on your vocation.

Is the online English course as effective as the classroom course?

Our school thinks 100 percent of offering a quality course, so the payment to our teachers remains exactly the same whether it is an online course or a face-to-face course. Since the only difference would be that the student and the teacher are not at the same point. But the dynamics, the methodology and the implements of extra material that we have prepared remain exactly the same. Our courses are not recorded, they are done live and direct at the specified date and time. We do not have more than 6 students per class and we can even start the course with one person.
Our team can confirm that the online course is as effective as the face-to-face course since the innovative methodology is maintained. In addition, we always seek to have the best options that exist in the market in order to provide the student with a stable connection for the online course. We manage private virtual platforms, although we always have other options if necessary, depending on the student or group.

What is the difference between a daily super intensive english course and a twice weekly super course?

The daily super english intensive course is designed for people who have the time from Monday to Friday to dedicate themselves to learning the language and doing the exercises for a correct and quality advance. It is very important to recognize that this daily super intensive English course is recommended for people who can process grammatical information quickly. Our twice a week course has exactly the same number of hours but the distribution of them, gives the student a space of 3 days to be able to calmly pause and analyze the grammar and perform the exercises considering that they do not have the daily time to dedicate only to learning the English language.

Is it possible to finish a level by himself two weeks?

The Lima language school has a highly organized, structured grammatical advancement schedule. Therefore, we commit ourselves to complete the course in a certain time with a start date and an end date. As it is a daily course, it will be much easier to adapt the progress to the determined time, but it is necessary to emphasize what completely depends on the student, his capacity for analysis, his capacity for development and his ability to understand a foreign language. Our teachers will do their best to explain in detail each grammar point determined according to our advance structure.
For us, it is very important that our students in the daily super intensive English course stay in touch at all times during the course with the exercises that will be provided to the student online within our virtual learning platform, and they will also be able to find the tests there. Each chapter that the teacher can review and thus recognize whether the student has really learned or plan the time to quickly explain the previous topic before continuing with the next Chapter.

What is the minimum and maximum of students in the online course?

We organize small courses with a maximum of 6 students and a minimum of 1 student.
We believe in student motivation, so we will not discourage our students by canceling courses. If our students register 2 weeks in advance we can safely confirm the course or coordinate the options. In the case of wanting to start as soon as possible, it is possible to discuss it. With fewer people, progress is faster and more direct, so our extra material will support the student’s training and progress at all times. Although it may seem like a private course, the big difference is that there is a start and end date and a time that will not change, and another student will always be allowed to enter. We also have social groups in order to maintain quick contact with our students. (*) Here you can find the number of hours according to the number of students.

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Unterrichtsstunden | Lessons | Horas académicas = 45 Min.
Verteilung | Distribution | Distribución
4 -6
6 Wochen
5 Wochen
4 Wochen
2 Wochen + 1 Tag
(*)Die Anzahl der Unterrichtsstunden hängt von der Anzahl der Teilnehmer ab.
(*) The number of lessons depends on the number of participants.
(*) La cantidad de horas académicas depende de la cantidad de alumnos.
Wochen = Weeks = Semanas

What do I need to do to follow an online course?

100% Motivation and time to have fun learning live + practical exercises / tests in our E-Learning system.
We recommend having a laptop, to have a more stable internet signal. But our students can also enter the class from a tablet or a smart phone.
The book corresponding to the course and level.
A notebook to make notes.
A Grammar Notes Sheet from Lima Sprachshule, so that in one space you can write down the most important grammar points. You will receive this by post.

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What do I receive in the online course?

• An online teacher, who will conduct the class on the days and at the specified time.
• We have the course content already organized for all our different types of courses.
• For many languages ​​we have the teacher’s virtual books, which simplifies the student’s understanding.
• The advance has a start date and an end date, and the selected level is reached.
• We have an E-learning platform: moodle.lima-sprachschule.de, so that students who want to increase their challenges can find more exercises online and even tests at the end of the chapters.
Spotify: We have started with PODCAST, where we can find practical exercises that will help us improve pronunciation and at the same time memorize the sequences.

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