Learn German in 60 course hours x 3 days a week during 8 weeks

Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday learn languages quickly in Munich
: from 17:00 | 18:00 | 19:00
Duration: 60 course hours from 5 participant

Would you like to go to German lessons, but do not know which course is suitable for you? Would you like to learn German effectively and spend several evenings a week improving your German language skills? Then sign up for the eight-week course!

What is a German course in the evening in 8 weeks?

This language course takes place three times a week in the evening and lasts eight weeks. During the day, you will take a course for 90 minutes. Our teachers teach with passion, are always motivated and will quickly impress you with their enthusiasm for the German language. At rest, with many playful exercises, you will successfully learn one chapter after another and have fun while you are doing it.

For whom is this German course suitable in the evening for 8 weeks?

For those who intend to attend language classes several times a week, thereby expand their knowledge. Bu kursu başlangıçtan ileri düzeye kadar farklı seviyelerde sunuyoruz. We recommend this course to people who have already learned the grammar of another language and thereby understand new language more quickly. They learn in the evening, after work or school. We do not just work with the book, we prepare a lot material, so that the grammar is clearer for you and you practice effectively what you have learned We have no limits and as you learn we help you to achieve your goals.

How does the German language course differ from other courses in the evening in 8 weeks?

As this course takes place three times a week, you complete a level faster and have opportunity to do intensive exercises Our goal is to thoroughly teach each chapter of our book and to teach with additional material during this time. There are 1.5 chapters a week including intensive exercises. You will definitely look forward to take part in the class in the evening.

Do you need a book?

Yes, just as you need the right clothes for sport, we need the right materials to learn. That’s why we work with innovative publishers to offer our participants the right options. With each course, it is important to have a book with which we can practice and learn together. Practice creates masters! Here you can find which book you need for this course! *

Course content of the German evening course in 8 weeks (from 5 participants):

In German evening course in 8 weeks,our group should complete a level.German course for 8 weeks in Munich

It is planned to reach 1 chapter a week. (May vary for advanced).
Additional materials in the classroom: Test if it is required,and exam preparation is possible
Extra material for home: online exercises,. 50% of the tasks are checked in the class + test, exam preparation at the end of each chapter

Extras Resources Lima Language School:

Projector (videos, PDF, Power-point, board, games and online test, etc.), magnetic board (creating and showing dynamic examples with student participation),
Exclusive materials in the workbook to support the preparation of the student.
Put together sentences, words, verbs, numbers, and more pieces, not just write them down the notebook.
Exclusive contact between you and the teacher to resolve doubts.
Additional exclusive material of each teacher to emphasize a specific topic for the group. The online material is only available for the duration of the course.

Learn German in the center of Munich 3 times a week from 17:00 in the Lima language school! Our language school has a positive atmosphere full of energy and success. We motivate you to achieve your goals.
The number of lessons depends on the number of participants. For more information TERMS&CONDITIONS


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