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40 lessons in 8 weeks
up to 4 students

Learn German 2 times a week - Achieve a level in 8 weeks!

If you want to learn a new language parallel with your job or studies: then you have the opportunity to learn German in the evenings with us, just two corners away from Hauptbahnhof (The North exit).

What is a German 8-week evening course?

We know very well how it feels to come from another country and find a job and start to live, then to realise how important it actually is to communicate with your colleagues and friends properly. Do you search for an alternative way to feel safer and more relaxed in daily life? After becoming part of our German 8-week evening course, you will start to feel more secure and you will also feel the effectiveness. We offer you the possibility to finish a level in 40 lessons. And you only have to attempt the course twice a week.

For whom is this German 8-weeks evening course suitable?

For everyone, that has the motivation to reach their goal safe and sound, step by step and for people that want to have fun while learning together with a group. Our teachers are 100% motivated and they will give you the feeling of being in an intensive course.

What is the 45-hour German crash course 4×4?

  • You are working with the book that corresponds to the course and level you will be doing. (the school doesn’t sell the books)
  • You will receive a 3-format note sheet with which you can comment on the basic grammar points, and you can keep a broad overview of these points as you develop the exercises.
  • You will have an account in our virtual e-learning platform: Moodle, where you can find the slides with the grammatical explanation of the teacher, online exercises and also the online test of each chapter to check whether you have understood the chapter before starting the next chapter.
  • We create a social media group between the students, the teacher and the Lima team; where the student can freely express their doubts or send the material requested by the teacher.
  • If you are unable to attend the course due to work or health problems, you can always attend the course online from your tablet or laptop or cell phone. We offer this option so that the student does not lose the advanced grammar in the course.
  • Spotify: We started with PODCAST, where we can find practical exercises that help us improve pronunciation while memorizing the sequences.
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The Course Contents for The German Course:

  • The intensive German Course should reach a level in 8 weeks.
  • In the lesson:  100% exercises from the book.
  • Additional material for the lessons: Tests – training for the exam after every finished chapter + intensive training
  • Extra material for home: Online exercises

Only 420€. The most important thing is to have the self-confidence in yourself  to speak the learned language. And we assure you this at Lima Sprachchule from the first day!

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The time of lessons can change according to the number of students. For more information look at our terms and conditions

* Books: Here you can find the name of the book we use in our courses.

You can book the course for less than 4 weeks or more. Share your wishes with us, so we can find the perfect option for you. Write to use:

What is the difference between a German 8-week evening course and the others?

In this course, you have for sure enough time to make your German even better. You also learn in a dynamic way and you will have your goal right before your eyes. You learn everything step by step, what is needed to finish a level. Because of that, we need 8 weeks to work on our book to finish every chapter and to work with our extra materials. We follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Still, our teachers respect the time and programmed progress.


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