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09:00 to 14:38

Duration and distibution

From 4 participant,
7 hrs. per day

German crash course with 4 people maximum!

Learn English on Saturdays in Munich! Take the time to keep learning!

If you don’t have time during the week to do an intensive course, we have created this course especially for you. This course is for people, who want to learn English and increase their job prospects.

Is it possible to finish a level in 4 weeks with only 45 lessons?

Right! From the start Lima language school gives all students the opportunity to start the desired course, even if we don’t have the minimum number of students for the level. We have the experience to develop a level in 45 academic hours with a maximum of 4 students.


The content of the 4 by 4 intensive German course (from 4 people)

In this course the student will develop in 4 weeks the necessary chapters to reach the level.
In the classroom, the student will work with the teacher on each grammar topic, in addition to some practical exercises necessary to explain the grammar.

Homework: At home the student will receive homework from the book exercises.

Extra material: The student will complement the progress with the online exercises that the student will find on our Moodle E-learning platform. In addition, the presentations of examples and grammar topics that the teacher used during the class will be available.

Extras Resources Lima Language School:

  • Beamer (videos, PDF, Power Point, board, games, and online test, etc.).
  • Magnetic board (creating and showing dynamic examples with student participation).
  • Exclusive material to the workbook, as a support for the preparation of the participant in the lesson compose sentences, words, verbs, numbers, and more pieces and not just write in the notebook.
  • Exclusive contact between the participants and the teacher to resolve doubts.
  • Additional material Exclusive by each teacher to highlight a specific topic for the group.
  • The online material is only available for the duration of the course.
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Do you need a book?

Yes, just as you need the right clothes for sports, we need the right materials for learning. Therefore, we work together with innovative publishers to offer our participants the right options At each course it is important to have a book with which we can practice and learn together. Practice creates masters! Here you can find which book you need for this course! 

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Other resources in Lima Sprachschule

Projectors: watch videos or presentations by our teachers, grammar exercises, online test development, among others.
Magnetic board: essential for dynamic exercises with student integration

Moodle online learning platform: where our students will find exclusive material developed by the Lima team, based on presentations on grammar topics, exercises or vocabulary. In addition to online exams and exercises

Spotify: we have started the preparation of different supporting recordings so that our student can orient himself much better by listening and repeating


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