Learn the Spanish language quickly from home!

Days: Monday and Thursday or Wednesday and Friday
Schedule: from 6pm, 7pm or 7:30 pm
Duration and distribution: 24 hours of 45 min. from 4 students (*), spread over 6 weeks.
Price: 365 €

Learn Spanish with a real and live teacher, ready and willing to show you the grammar with tricks that normally only those who had the experience of learning the language got to know along the way.

If you have already decided to start a Spanish course, then the next step is to find the ideal time and course for you. In this fast and cheap course you will have 3 days off during the week to exercise what you have learned in class.
In addition, you will have our online learning platform “E-learning” to review class slides, take exams, find links to recommendations to investigate or listen to more examples.
The entire Lima Sprachschule team speaks more than 3 languages, so we know very well the requirements of our students. We have qualified Spanish teachers, mostly from their mother tongue, with experience and most importantly with motivation. Our teachers have a space in their hearts for all our students, because that is their vocation. They are happy teachers who work on what they are passionate about.

What is the difference between the night course twice a week and the super intensive course?

The super Spanish course 2 times a week has a 3-day break, in order to process everything learned and giving yourself time to do the exercises. And the super intensive daily course is done daily, it is made for people who have the time and skill to process everything quickly.


Why does the online course only last 24 academic hours? Will I really be able to reach the level?

After our experience we know that it is sufficient for small groups. (They can be groups of one person, although it sounds a bit illogical). At most there will be 6 students and after the always innovative grammar explanation of our teachers, our students will complement their learning with our virtual learning system.
We are a very well organized school, and we already have the detailed progress structure for our super Spanish course twice a week, so we are 100% committed to achieving our goal, but obviously it depends 100% on our students, your interest, time and motivation. The minimum requirement is to take our online test to know exactly the level and advance safely.

What is the minimum and maximum of students in the online course?

We organize small courses with a maximum of 6 students and a minimum of 1 student.
We believe in student motivation, so we will not discourage our students by canceling courses. If our students register 2 weeks in advance we can safely confirm the course or coordinate the options. In the case of wanting to start as soon as possible, it is possible to discuss it. With fewer people, progress is faster and more direct, so our extra material will support the student’s training and progress at all times. Although it may seem like a private course, the big difference is that there is a start and end date and a time that will not change, and another student will always be allowed to enter. We also have social groups in order to maintain quick contact with our students. (*) Here you can find the number of hours according to the number of students.

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Unterrichtsstunden | Lessons | Horas académicas = 45 Min.
Verteilung | Distribution | Distribución
4 -6
6 Wochen
5 Wochen
4 Wochen
2 Wochen + 1 Tag
(*)Die Anzahl der Unterrichtsstunden hängt von der Anzahl der Teilnehmer ab.
(*) The number of lessons depends on the number of participants.
(*) La cantidad de horas académicas depende de la cantidad de alumnos.
Wochen = Weeks = Semanas

What do I need to do to follow an online course?

100% Motivation and time to have fun learning live + practical exercises / tests in our E-Learning system.
We recommend having a laptop, to have a more stable internet signal. But our students can also enter the class from a tablet or a smart phone.
The book corresponding to the course and level.
A notebook to make notes.
A Grammar Notes Sheet from Lima Sprachshule, so that in one space you can write down the most important grammar points. You will receive this by post.

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What do I receive in the online course?

• An online teacher, who will conduct the class on the days and at the specified time.
• We have the course content already organized for all our different types of courses.
• For many languages ​​we have the teacher’s virtual books, which simplifies the student’s understanding.
• The advance has a start date and an end date, and the selected level is reached.
• We have an E-learning platform: moodle.lima-sprachschule.de, so that students who want to increase their challenges can find more exercises online and even tests at the end of the chapters.
Spotify: We have started with PODCAST, where we can find practical exercises that will help us improve pronunciation and at the same time memorize the sequences.

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