Learn German successfully and intensively in Munich centre!

Time: From Monday to Friday | from 09:00 to 12:00 or from 14:00 to 17:00 or from 16:00 to 19:00
Start dates: the first and third Monday of the month
Lessons per week: 20 from 6 participants

Do you want to learn German well and above all intensively? Do you want to invest the time to master the German language correctly? In our intensive German course you can learn fast, efficiently and with a lot of fun!

We work with our own methodology, which provides enough security for our students and helps to reduce the inhibitions. Together with our experienced teachers, you will surely reach your goal in the language of communicating safely!

What is an Intensive German Course in 4 weeks?

The German Intensive Course is designed so that you can reach a new level in 4 weeks. The course is ideal for people who have 4 hours every day to focus on the German language and want to make progress so smoothly and continuously. Together with our motivated teachers, you will surely reach your goal! Our teachers are 100% motivated and ready to have a 100% dynamic class.

For whom is this German course suitable?

The course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn German in Germany. Women and men who are fully motivated to achieve their goals: “to speak and write German properly.”

How is the Intensive Course different from other courses?

In an intensive course, we create 100% theory + 100% exercises in the classroom. So we can secure a learning progress. In other course options, the time of concentration varies according to the timetable, number of hours and previous grammatical knowledge of the participants.

45 minutes FREE per week purchased !!!!

Let us practice the lessons learned, because the most important thing for us is not to sell a German course, but to learn German! (Offer valid only for level A1.1 and A1.2)

Course content:

The German intensive course in Munich should reach a new level after 4 weeks.
It is planned to reach 2 chapters per week. (May vary for advanced).
In the classroom: 100% exercises with the book
Additional material in class: Test – Exam preparation at the end of each chapter + Intensive training
Extra material for the home: Online exercises, among others.


Intensive German course in Munich with 100% motivation of our teachers and 45 minutes free per week to practise what you have learnt. 80 hours at only 480 €. The most important thing is to have the confidence to speak the language. This is what Lima Sprachschule offers you from day one!

Extras Resources:

Beamer (videos, PDF, PowerPoint, board, games and online test, etc.),
Magnetic board (creating and showing dynamic examples with student participation),
Exclusive material to the workbook, as support for the preparation of the participant.
Compose sentences, words, verbs, numbers and more pieces and not just write in the notebook.
Exclusive contact between the participants and the teacher to resolve doubts.
Additional material Exclusive of each teacher to emphasize a specific topic for the group. The online material is only available for the duration of the course.

The number of hours depends on the number of participants. More information in our terms and conditions. 

You can also book the course for less than 4 or more weeks. Tell us your wishes and we will find the optimal solution for you. Write us: info@lima-sprachschule.de