German course 3 days  a week in  4  weeks!

Start Dates: the second Tuesday of each month
Schedule:  Monday,Tuesday and Thursday from 11am
Price: 399€

Learning German can be easy, if one manages to correctly distribute the time to be able to learn the language. With the  current various work options, we recognize that there are people who want to study German at an intermediate time in the morning. It is for this reason that we have created this option of 3 days a week, with a maximum duration of 4 weeks when having 4 students.

German classes in Munich or online German classes start at 11:00 am. The duration depends on the number of students enrolled, because with fewer students the progress is much faster and more direct.

Why learn German at Lima Sprachschule language school??

By enrolling in this German course you will not only receive the classes with our 100% motivated teachers, but a whole package of online exercises on our E-Learning platform (Moodle), where we can verify what we learned after the progress of each chapter and including exercises so that you can train and be ready not only to communicate in German from day to day or at work, but you will also be ready to take Level exams.  (*)


What is the progress of the Levels like?

Here are the different levels we offer.

niveaustufen lima sprachschule

This course is distributed in reaching a Level, safely, i.e. Level A1.1 or A1.2.

¿Online course the face-to-face?

We have both face-to-face classes and online classes. Wehave private and secure platforms to be able to count in the same class with online assistance. The cost is the same, and the material that the teacher uses both online and face-to-face are the same.


“Safe course start”: We assure you the start of the course even without having the minimum of students, when we have the provision of the classroom and teacher. Academic hours will be reduced as with fewer students progress is faster, more direct and more effective; grammatical development by level will remain constant. In our Terms and conditions you will be able to know the duration of the course according to the number of students.


You want to start the course as soon as possible but what if there are not enough enrolled students who cover the minimum number of students?

It is precisely our philosophy to support motivated people, looking for solutions and offering what is possible at our disposal. If you want to start as soon as possible or at a certain date, and if we have space and teachers to cover the course, we can organize it.  The number of hours is reduced considering our proportion in costs, offering the opportunity to maintain the group price, so you can achieve your goals with the language. Some people may think it is expensive, when doing the course alone but with us, these lucky students, have a private course at the price of a group course. Being a single person the progress is fast but the course schedule and dates are not modified at the request of the student, since the course has a start and end date, basic parameter of a group course, with an entry and exit time.

Number of hours:  Group courses are set with a certain number of hours to meet group goals, giving each student the opportunity to practice. With fewer students the hours are reduced because the deal is more direct, faster and more effective.

Need to buy a book?

Oh, yes! We are a school with an innovative methodology and we have support material to not only work with books, but the book plays a very important role in learning the language. As much as sportswear if we want to play sports. We work with the Linie 1 books from Klett publishing house, which has books from level A1.1 to B2.2 as well as online material for free use by our students. For levels C1 and C2 we use other books. Photocopies are prohibited for us as we respect copyright by 100%. We do not sell the books, so only the cost of the course is included in the price.

At Lima language school you will enjoy an atmosphere full of motivation for easy learning of the German language, with various options for our students.

German in Munich, fast with affordableprices. If your goals are defined and you want to learn German all our teachers work with an innovative methodology, always seeking  to improve the quality of teaching and material to facilitate learning. In Lima  Sprachschule  our teachers do not just open the book. We work as a family, where your goal is so well ours.


*Lima Sprachschule  offers only language courses and prepares  its  students for exams, since the  content  of our courses is structured following the grammatical guidelines for level exams.

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