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German course in the morning 3 days a week for 4 weeks!

Learning German can be very easy if you manage to distribute the time to learn the language correctly. With the current different job opportunities, we recognize that there are people who want to learn German in the morning. For this reason we have created this option of 3 days per week with a maximum duration of 4 weeks with 4 students.

German lessons in Munich or online German lessons start at 10:30 a.m. The duration depends on the number of students enrolled, as with fewer students the progress is much faster and more direct.

Extras resources Lima language school:

Beamer (videos, PDF, Power Point, blackboard, games and online test, etc.),
Magnetic board (create and show dynamic examples with student participation)

Exclusive material for the workbook as support for the preparation of the participant in the classroom (may vary for advanced students).
Put sentences, words, verbs, numbers and more pieces together instead of just writing in the notebook.

Private chat: Exclusive contact between the participants and the teacher to resolve doubts.

Additional material exclusive e.g. Power point presentations by each teacher to emphasize a specific topic for the group.

We have an e-learning platform: moodle.lima-sprachschule.de, so that students who want to increase their challenges can find more exercises online and even tests at the end of the chapters.

Spotify: We started with PODCAST, where we can find hands-on exercises that will help us improve pronunciation while memorizing the sequences.

“Sicherer Kursstart”

Wir versichern Ihnen den Beginn des Kurses auch ohne das Minimum an Schülern, wenn wir die Bereitstellung des Klassenzimmers und Lehrer haben.

Die Unterrichtsstunden werden reduziert, da bei weniger Studenten der Fortschritt schneller, direkter und effektiver ist. Die grammatikalische Entwicklung nach Ebene wird konstant bleiben wird. In unseren AGBs können Sie die Dauer des Kurses entsprechend der Anzahl der Studierenden kennen.

Do you need to buy a book?

Oh yeah! We are a school with an innovative methodology and we have support material to not only work with books. But the book plays a very important role in learning the language. As much as sportswear, if we want to play sports. We work with the Line 1 books from Klett-Verlag, the books from level A1.1 to B2.2 as well as online material for free use by our students. We use other books for levels C1 and C2. Photocopies are forbidden because we respect copyright law 100%. We do not sell the books so only the cost of the course is included in the price. At the Lima language school you can enjoy an atmosphere full of motivation for easy learning of the German language, with various options for our students.

German in Munich, fast with affordable prices. When your goals have been defined and you want to learn German, all of our teachers work with an innovative methodology, always with the aim of improving the quality of teaching and material in order to make learning easier. At the Lima language school, our teachers don’t just open the book. We work as a family where your goal is as good and important as ours.

* The Lima Language School only offers language courses and prepares its students for exams, as the content of our courses is structured according to the grammatical guidelines for level tests.

Why learn German at the Lima language school?

By registering for this German course, you not only receive the courses with our 100% motivated teachers, but also a whole package of online exercises on our e-learning platform (Moodle), where we can check what we are doing according to the progress of each chapter have learned and include exercises so that not only can you communicate day-to-day or at work in German, but you are also ready to take level tests. (*)

How is the progress of the levels?

Here are the different levels we offer.

niveaustufen lima language school
Dieser Kurs wird nach Erreichen eines Levels verteilt, d. h. Level A1.1 oder A1.2.

“Online course or face-to-face course?

We have both in-person classes and online courses. We have private and secure platforms to be able to count in the same class with online assistance. The cost is the same, and the material the teacher uses both online and face-to-face is the same.

You want to start the course as soon as possible, but what if there aren’t enough students enrolled to cover the minimum number of students?

Our philosophy in particular is to support motivated people, to look for solutions and to offer what is available to us. If you want to start as soon as possible or at a specific time and if we have the space and teachers to cover the course, then we will organize it. The number of hours is reduced taking into account our share of the costs, which gives you the opportunity to keep the group price. This allows you to achieve your goals with the language. Some people may think that doing the course on their own is expensive. But with us you have a private course for the price of a group course. As an individual, progress is quick, but the course schedule and dates are not changed at the student’s request, as the course has a start and end date, the basic parameters of a group course, with an entry and exit time.

Number of Hours: Group courses are set with a specific number of hours to meet the group goals so that each student has the opportunity to practice. If there are fewer students, the hours are reduced because the communication between teacher and participant is more direct, faster and more effective.

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