School support courses for learning foreign languages – tuition in foreign languages

Are you looking for a professional language school for your children? Do you want to playfully learn a new language or improve your grades?

How does tutoring in foreign languages work for students at Lima Sprachschule?

As parents, we always want to find a good option for our children to make their learning easier and their results better. We offer this tutoring option to help your children improve their grades and keep them in school. Does your child have problems learning a foreign language? Our teachers will motivate and inspire them with a dynamic course: you can learn a new language without stress and with a lot of fun!

Register your kids now! Let us know your preferred times, places, and levels, and we will organise the best teacher for you!

Is it possible to start with a new foreign language without prior knowledge?

Yes of course! We are happy to assist your children in learning a new language. Our tutoring courses are like private lessons – for an unbeatable price we are happy to bring your child a whole new language. It is important to us that the little ones enjoy learning and are enthusiastic about the language.

Our packages are simple and we hope that they can be included in your budget. In the case of large families (triplets, quadruplets, etc.) it is possible to get a discount. Do not hesitate to let us know your situation in order to make you an offer.

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Tutoring for 1- 2 children : (if they share the same level)
Trial lesson (45 Min.) : 29€
1 to 10 hours = 29 €
From 11 to 30 hours = 28 €
From 31 hours = 27 €

Tutoring for 3 to 5 friends: (if they share the same level)
Trial lesson (45 Min.) : 42€
From 1 to 10 hours = 42 €
From 11 to 30 hours = 40 €
From 31 hours = 38 €


Tutoring for 1- 2 children : (if they share the same level)

Trial lesson (45 Min.) : 36€
1 to 10 hours = 36 €
From 11 to 30 hours = 35 €
From 31 hours = 34 €

Tutoring for 3 to 5 friends: (if they share the same level)

Trial lesson (45 Min.) : 48€
From 1 to 10 hours = 48 €
From 11 to 30 hours = 47 €
From 31 hours = 45 €

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Do you need to buy a book?

Yes! We are a school with an innovative methodology, and we have support material to not only work with books, but the book plays a very important role in learning the language. As well as sportswear if we want to play sports. We work with books that respect the rules of the Common European Framework of Reference, as well as online material for free use by our students. Photocopies are prohibited for us as we 100% respect copyright. We do not sell the books, so only the cost of the course is included in the price.

*Books: Here you can find the name of the book that we use in our courses.

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  • Digitales Unterrichtspaket
  • Digitale Ausgaben mit LMS
  • Quizfragen
  • Online-Übungen
  • Download-Material
  • Prüfungsvorbereitungs: TELC, Start Deutsch, Goethe, DFZ
  • Lima Sprachschule Teilnehmer Zertifikat (Es handelt sich nicht um ein Level-Zertifikat, das Sie erst nach einer zertifizierten Prüfung erhalten.)

Which languages are possible as a tutoring course?

With us your children can:

  • Learn or improve the German language
  • Learn or improve the Spanish language
  • Learn or improve the English language
  • Learning or improving the French language
  • Learn or improve the Italian language
  • We also offer other languages, tell us which language you wish for your child!

How old can the children be?

Our courses are for children between 6 and 16 years who are registered at a school in Germany.

School support courses for learning foreign languages ​​in Germany! From € 27 per hour for 45 minutes! Let your children learn or improve a foreign language with lots of fun with teachers who love their profession!


Sie können den Kurs aber auch für weniger als 4 oder mehrere Wochen buchen. Teilen Sie uns Ihre Wünsche mit und wir werden für Sie die optimale Lösung finden. Schreiben Sie uns:

Team Lima Sprachschule


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