English Private Course in Germany

Learn English at your own pace and style, when and how many times you want!

Our private teachers want to help you reach your goals.

You decide the rhythm, the schedule, and you determine your learning objectives, all while learning the English language in a fun and effective way!

With a private course, you will be the one who decides exactly what you want to learn or improve. The schedule is created according to your goals! Feel free to learn at your own pace!

Other resources in Lima Sprachschule

Projectors: watch videos or presentations by our teachers, grammar exercises, online test development, among others.
Magnetic board: essential for dynamic exercises with student integration

Moodle online learning platform: where our students will find exclusive material developed by the Lima team, based on presentations on grammar topics, exercises or vocabulary. In addition to online exams and exercises

Spotify: we have started the preparation of different supporting recordings so that our student can orient himself much better by listening and repeating

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Do you have to improve your English for your next business appointment in the United States or for your amazing trip to London, but don’t have time to take a group course? Why not take a private course and enjoy the freedom of creating your own schedule.

Did you study English at school or at university or did you do an internship in England? By improving your English now, you will fulfil one of your goals, increase your career prospects, expand your circle of friends, and understand everything that is being said.

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With our private English course, you decide the rhythm, the schedule, and you determine your learning objectives, all while learning English in a fun and effective way! From € 35 per academic hour. Learn, improve and achieve your goals with Lima Sprachschule!

The number of hours is according to the number of students, more details in our Terms and Conditions.
Write us: info@lima-sprachschule.de