Learn Spanish 90 minutes a day in Munich

Monday to Friday | from 12:30 to 14:00  | 10 academics hrs. per week from 4 students

Learn Spanish quickly, efficiently and in a fun way! Our methodology is based on our own learning experiences and is designed to instill confidence in our students and enable them to quickly communicate through Spanish.

Our Spanish semi-intensive course in Munich, is scheduled to finish a level, after 4 weeks of the daily course. Each week an average of 2 chapters will be advanced. (may vary according to level)

The rapidity of this course may be surprising, but we are very proud to demonstrate that thanks to our innovative methodology, it is possible to advance the theory easily and quickly, not only with a book and a pen, but with 100% dynamic exercises , which for the schedule of the course is 100% necessary.

In any case, we recommend this course to people who already have the experience of having learned another language. These people can understand the grammar explanation much easier, without realising the comparison between languages.
And what can complete this fun learning, is that the student already has daily contact “of the Spanish language” either at work, or in other courses.

In this class, the tasks are 90% practical, for example, with songs, jokes and other options that you will only discover in the course. 10% of written homework will not be reviewed in the course, unless it is extremely important to review it again, in this case, the teacher will prepare an exclusive material for the group, so that they can leave the class, compliment your learning through a video, power point, pdf. or other material that the teacher believes for his students.

We don’t just sell a Spanish course, we want to help you to actually learn and speak it! (only for level A1.1 and A1.2)

Extras Resources:

Beamer (videos, PDF, Power Point, Active board, games and online test, etc.),
Magnetic board (creating and showing dynamic examples with student participation),
Exclusive material to the workbook, as support for the preparation of the student.
Compose sentences, words, verbs, numbers and more pieces and not just write in the notebook.
Exclusive contact between you and the teacher to resolve doubts.
Additional material Exclusive of each teacher to emphasize a specific topic for the group. The online material is only available for the duration of the course.

Semi-intensive Spanish course in Munich with 100% motivated and dedicated teachers. 40 hours monthly for only € 520 The most important thing is to have confidence in speaking the language and we offer you that from day one!

The number of hours is according to the number of students, more details in our Terms and Conditions.

*Levels: A1.1 /A1.2 /A2.1 /A2.2 / B1.1 /B1.2 /B2.1 / B2.2 /C1.1 / C1.2/ C2.1 / C2.2


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