Spanish Private Course in Germany

Learn Spanish at your own pace and style, when and how often you want!

Our private teachers want to help you reach your goals.

You are learning the rhythm, the schedule, and you are learning the Spanish language in a fun and effective way!

Do you have any questions about Macchu Picchu? Why not take a private course and enjoy the freedom of creating your own schedule.

Did you study at university or did you study in South America? By improving your Spanish now, you will fulfill one of your goals, increase your career prospects, expand your circle of friends, and understand everything that is being said.

With a private course, you want to be the one who decides exactly what you want to learn or improve. The schedule is created according to your goals! Feel free to learn at your own pace!

With our private Spanish course, you will learn the rhythm, the schedule, and you will learn the Spanish language in a fun and effective way! From € 35 per academic hour. Learn, improve and achieve your goals with Lima Language School!

More details in our  Terms and Conditions.


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