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Learning Spanish in Munich is easier than you think!

Our Course:

In our Spanish night course once a week, we advance 1 1/2 chapters every 2 weeks. (depends on the level)

We recommend this course for people who speak at least 2 languages, and who have the experience of learning grammar in a language course. This will make it easier for participants to recognize Spanish grammar.

Extra Resources:

  • Projector (videos, pdf., Power Point, Tafelbild, games and online test, among others).
  • Magnetic board (make and show dynamic examples with student participation).
  • Exclusive material complementary to the workbook, as support for the preparation of the student.
  • Phrases, words, verbs, numbers and more pieces to put together and not just write in the notebook.
  • Exclusive contact between you and the teacher, to solve doubts,
  • Extra material Exclusive of each teacher, in order to accentuate a specific topic for the group. Online material available for the duration of the course.

Other resources in Lima Sprachschule

Projectors: watch videos or presentations by our teachers, grammar exercises, online test development, among others.
Magnetic board: essential for dynamic exercises with student integration

Moodle online learning platform: where our students will find exclusive material developed by the Lima team, based on presentations on grammar topics, exercises or vocabulary. In addition to online exams and exercises

Spotify: we have started the preparation of different supporting recordings so that our student can orient himself much better by listening and repeating

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Spanish evening course in Munich for 12 weeks. Learning Spanish in Munich is easier than you think!

Learning a new language can be tedious after a long day at work, unless you are attending our 100% dynamic class with teachers who will help you achieve your goal. At Lima Language School, the most important thing is to provide our students with the motivation and confidence that will enable them to communicate through Spanish.

Once a week, join a happy group with the same goal: learning the Spanish language. Learn, speak and understand Spanish for 90 minutes.

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Learn Spanish one evening a week in Munich! Spanish course in Munich with 100% motivated and dedicated teachers. 36 academic hours for only € 399! If you don’t have time during the week to do an intensive course, we have created this fast and effective course especially for you.


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