German Private Course in Germany

Learn German at your own pace and style, when and how many times you want!

Our private teachers want to help you reach your goals.

You decide the rhythm, the schedule, and determine your learning objectives, and all while learning the German language in a fun and effective way!

Starting your life in Germany?

Maybe you just arrived in Germany and you do not have the time to attend a group course, but you still want to learn the language. Professionally, or simply to socialise in this new country, make new friends and communicate daily. 

Do you want to improve your German?

Have you taken a basic German course? Or did you learn German from TV or from your new German friends? But now, you want to learn more! If you do not want to make any mistakes, and you just want to understand what everyone says, this is the course for you!

Improve your standard of living in Germany and expand your knowledge of the German language!

With a private course, you want to be the one who decides exactly what you want to learn or improve. The schedule is created according to your goals! Feel free to learn at your own pace! German course, you decide the rhythm, the schedule, and you determine your learning objectives, all while learning the German language in a fun and effective way! From € 35 per academic hour. Learn, improve and achieve your goals with Lima Sprachschule!

More details in our  Terms and Conditions.
# Students

1 to 2 Students, 3 to 5 Students

Select the price according to the number of lessons

35€ only for trial 45 Min., 36€/ from 31 lessons, 38€ / from 11 to 30 lessons, 40€ / from 1 to 10 lessons, 50€ / from 31 lessons (á 45Min.), 52€ / from 11 to 30 lessons (á 45Min.), 54€/ 1-10 Hrs.


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