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09:00 to 14:38
14:00 to 19:38

Duration and distibution

30 hours in 4 weeks
from 4 students

Learn on Saturdays... but fast... German Course on 4 Saturdays

Only 4 weeks to success! A level in 4 Saturdays, manage all with Lima Sprachschule. A wonderful opportunity for fast and effective weekend learning

What is a German Semi Intensive Course on Saturday?

A Saturday course that is super fast and you can do a full time job alongside it too. In 30 hours we enable you to complete a level. Use the weekend time wisely and join us on Saturday mornings or afternoons. On a weekend day, you can quickly improve in all language areas, increasing your career opportunities. With our dedicated and motivated teachers who love the German language, this course is a meaningful leisure activity on the weekend. It’s so easy to learn alongside the job, have fun, and move on quickly. The success is already within reach. You are just a step away from it!


What is the 45-hour German crash course 4×4?

  • You are working with the book that corresponds to the course and level you will be doing. (the school doesn’t sell the books)
  • You will receive a 3-format note sheet with which you can comment on the basic grammar points, and you can keep a broad overview of these points as you develop the exercises.
  • You will have an account in our virtual e-learning platform: Moodle, where you can find the slides with the grammatical explanation of the teacher, online exercises and also the online test of each chapter to check whether you have understood the chapter before starting the next chapter.
  • We create a social media group between the students, the teacher and the Lima team; where the student can freely express their doubts or send the material requested by the teacher.
  • If you are unable to attend the course due to work or health problems, you can always attend the course online from your tablet or laptop or cell phone. We offer this option so that the student does not lose the advanced grammar in the course.
  • Spotify: We started with PODCAST, where we can find practical exercises that help us improve pronunciation while memorizing the sequences.
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Content of the Semi Intensive German Course:

  • In this German Semi intensive course you will reach a level after 4 weeks. We plan to finish 2 chapters per week. (Can vary for advanced students).
  • In class: 100% exercises of the book
  • Additional material in the classroom: Test – Exam preparation at the end of each chapter
  • Extra material for the home: Online exercises, among others.
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For whom is this German course suitable?

For professionals who only want to invest their time in the weekend for learning and want to improve quickly. We recommend this course to people who already have experience in learning languages. Through this experience, you understand grammatical relationships better and make faster connections between individual topics. In a results-oriented group, learning is easy and progress is quickly visible.

How is the German Semi Intensive Saturday Course different from other Saturday courses?

It is a crash course that takes place only once a week, on Saturdays. In this course, you will learn and practise two chapters a week in detail, thus completing a whole level in 4 weeks. For fast, visible results, this course is highly recommended.

German Semi intensive course on Saturdays in Munich with our 100% motivated teachers. 30 lessons per month for only 460€! If you do not have time for an intensive course during the week, we have created this special course for you for fast and effective learning.